Prima Flore

Music Composed and Produced by:
(C) Eric Jeffrey Tan 2019

Project Details

Persephone drops from the land of the living from a hole that formed in the ground and straight to the Underworld. The story takes place in Hell, but the Greek version of Hell. So very much like a catacomb, cold, dark, wet, unknown.. Hades comes across her being attacked by some violent spirits that he swiftly disbands like a duty. Since he is the lord of the dead, it’s up to him to lead Persephone out of The Underworld.

It’s a film about two worlds meeting for the first and possibly only time. There is a sentimental mood between the two. Hades is almost enamored by Persephone, something that he’s never really seen before, fascinated even by how different she is in comparison to himself, dark, gloomy, stoic etc… Persephone reciprocates this feeling of sentimentality by giving Hades something to remember her by, the flower that was taken from her by the spirits. It’s both romantic and bittersweet since at the end I leave it open ended if they will ever cross paths again. So a tone of love but also sadness.

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