The Taste of Happiness

Music Composed and Produced by:
(C) Eric Jeffrey Tan 2019

The Taste of Happiness | Trailer | Irene Ai-Yun Lu from Emily Carr University on Vimeo

The Taste of Happiness from Irene Lu on Vimeo.

Project Details

Mei a young orphaned girl was heading home and comes across an amezaiku-shi; a candy sculptor. When the amezaiku-shi named Sen asked her what she would like, Mei told him that she had no money. Sen felt sorry for her and wanted to cheer her up so he said he would like to gift it to her as a present. Mei wished for parents of her own and so Sen crafted a mother and father amezaiku and gave it to Mei. That night when Mei got home, she put the candy on her bedside table and drifted into sleep. The next morning, Mei was woken up by the smell of freshly cooked rice, a scent she had not experienced in a long time. She slowly walked towards the sound of the smell and saw that there was a mother cooking breakfast for her while the dad drank tea and read the newspaper. Mei sad down and ate breakfast as happy tears rolled down her cheeks while her mom smoothed her hair and smiled lovingly. Mei now has a loving family of her own.

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    Irene Lu/Emily Carr University


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