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Eric Jeffrey Tan is a composer and sound designer for video games, film, and animation based in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, percussions), vocalist, and audio engineer – he brings a collection of diverse skill sets to apply to his compositions to bring out its full potential from concept to production.

As a composer, Eric was inspired by the golden age of 90’s Japanese RPG music from Nobuo Uematsu to Yasunori Mitsuda to Koji Kondo. With a strong sense of melodic phrasing, he blends the sounds of instruments to articulate emotions through music. Whether it’s epic, sweeping orchestral music to retro 8-bit synthesizers to intimate solo pianos; his music aims to compliment and enhance the stories of visual medias.

As a sound designer. he loves to go around and record real life soundscapes from city streets to a creaking door. Never leaving home without a recorder, he’ll be able to bring a variety unique soundscapes to every project.

Eric has such a strong passion for music, sound and audio. Whether your project needs music, sound design/sfx, or mixing audio – he has the desire to help those to bring out the potential of any project through music, sounds, and audio.


Audio Recording, Music Composition, Sound Design, Sound Effects, Audio Direction, Dialogue, Audio/Music Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Audio/Visual Support, Video Game Scoring, Film Scoring, TV Scoring, Anime Scoring, Digital Audio Theory, Music Theory, Audio Processing, Foley, Audio Production, Post-Production, Synthesizers, Orchestration, Arranging, Live Sound, Music History, Harmony, Counterpoint, Melody, Voice-leading, Voicing, Audio Direction, Artist Collaborations (singer, instrumentalists), Audio Programming


Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Garageband, Apogee, Final Cut Pro, Audacity, Reason, Pro Tools, Kontakt, Battery, Absynth, Reaktor, FM8, Play, Waves, Izotope, SoundToys, VSL, Cinesamples, Eastwest Sounds, IK Multimedia, Miroslav Philharmonic, Metric Halo, Wwise


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