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"The Forgotten Void" OST

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Composing/Sound Effects & Design

Creating unique and dynamic sound effects & design with beautiful soundtracks for interactive media


Organizing Musical Sounds and Instruments to Create an Immersive Soundscape for the visual media


Original Musical Compositions and Soundscapes for Each Individual Project


Blending All Different Sounds Together to create a Cohesive Masterpiece

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Composer, Sound Designer, Musician

Eric Jeffrey Tan did not begin life loving music. In fact, as a child he disliked the idea of music because of his sister’s incessant karaoke singing early mornings and late nights. However, the more he listened the more it began to engage him, and eventually he began to constantly listen to music and even join his sister in singing. Together they sang with the local church choir and at age 15 he taught himself to play the guitar.

In high school he added bass to his musical arsenal and played with the school’s orchestra. Eric never considered music as a profession, and was studying to be a graphic designer while participating in multiple church choirs, and performing at charities and local events. In 2008, he began writing songs as a way to document his life and experiences in hopes to one-day share and inspire those around him. In 2009, his first solo performance was for the BC Children’s Hospital Tribute to Mothers talent show in which he won “People’s Choice Award”. In 2010, Eric finally realized he had to pursue music as a career. He began his studies at Douglas College where he took classical voice and musical theatre. That same year he joined City Soul Choir, a 100-voiced choir and performed a concert entitled Summer Soul Concert, which was featured in the Georgia Straight. As a singer-songwriter, Eric is known mostly for his acoustic songs and covers striving to both touch and inspire those who listen. On August 16, 2013, he released his self-produced CD entitled One Day at a Time (Green Room Studios). Eric has now shifted his focus towards music production. He concentrates in producing music composition for film, tv, anime and video game. He has always loved the sounds of the orchestra and so he strives to blend his classical background with digital production to forward his career as a film, TV, anime and video games composer. In 2017 he has composed for a couple of short films for the Vancouver Asian Film Festival in partnership with SFU, MOSIAC, and the City of Vancouver. During March of 2018, he joined a game jam called, “NaNoRenO” that brought together different creative disciplines such as programming, art, writing, and audio to create new content in under a month. “A Lopeliie’s Tale” – a kinetic fantasy visual novel from Spectral Bunny Studios and “Autumn of Changes” – a visual novel with time management mechanics by Angela Frost were a result of this game jam. In addition, was recently commissioned to write a musical tracks for the visual novel entitled “Zodiac•Axis” by Studio Theophilus, “Renegade Knight” – an action RPG from Radiance Game Studios, and “The Forgotten Void” – an RPG puzzle game by Voidless Studios. Currently working on a soundtracks and/or sound design for independent studios and games entitled “A Lopeliie’s Tale” – the full release of the kinetic visual novel from Spectral Bunny StudiosInto the Hoop” – a visual novel by Reading Cow Studio, and “Secret of the Rendrasha Blade” – a JRPG-inspired 2D game by Chronos Dragon Studios. Who knew that a sister’s karaoke singing would lead to all of this?


Audio Recording, Music Composition, Sound Design, Sound Effects, Audio Direction, Dialogue, Audio/Music Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Audio/Visual Support, Video Game Scoring, Film Scoring, TV Scoring, Anime Scoring, Digital Audio Theory, Music Theory, Audio Processing, Foley, Audio Production, Post-Production, Synthesizers, Orchestration, Arranging, Live Sound, Music History, Harmony, Counterpoint, Melody, Voice-leading, Voicing, Audio Direction, Artist Collaborations (singer, instrumentalists), Audio Programming


Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Garageband, Apogee, Final Cut Pro, Audacity, Reason, Pro Tools, Kontakt, Battery, Absynth, Reaktor, FM8, Play, Waves, Izotope, SoundToys, VSL, Cinesamples, Eastwest Sounds, IK Multimedia, Miroslav Philharmonic, Metric Halo, Wwise


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